Boudewijn: "That you can spend your vacation or reflection time in this beautiful property on this pristine place, stems from my love of buildings with history and my passion for building with natural materials. Cortils is such a historic building and happens to be situated at such a brilliant location. It stole my heart at first sight.

To adapt the building in harmony, prepare it for its new role, not only ecological but also biological materials are used. The preference is for recuperating of the old materials, with still the craftsmanship and love of the deceased creator to be experienced and that lives on.

From a historical perspective, an estate was completely autonomous. The aim is to re-instate this autonomy by being as fully self-sufficient as possible. This is visible in keeping livestock, growing food, using building material from the property and generating energy. "

Here you can see images of the workshop, the renovation of the roof of the coach house, the restoration of the chapel which has started, the rebuilding of the first conservatory and other renovation and restoration work that are ongoing.

Restauratie Leien
Restauratie dak Koetsiershuis