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Tower (up to 5 people)

What used to be one of the more sad placed of the castle, situated on the second floor, has been transformed into in to a fairylike stay, where five people can bond and relax together. The tower residence with its two beds has its original walls and windows. The old wooden sealing is the ground the immense network of wooden bars that holds the three building layers together. This makes it the best place for the adventurous type, due to wind and storm, causing the frames to move and creak. Not long ago this was a home for the church owls.

Via the central hall and the majestic stairwell, you can enter this residence from the porch on which the toilet/shower with sink is located. Also the pantry, and a large refrigerator with a freezing compartment are placed there. A few steps up, and you will find yourself in the kitchen part of the living room. From this simple kitchen, build of natural materials (containing a fridge, oven, cooking plates and a porcelain sink), you can see the northern part of the park and the lake. The four roof chapels let the morning sun come inside, brightening the room with summer collars of the interior.

At the end of the living area is a romantic bedroom alcove in predominantly red shades with a spacious double bed. From the living compartment a stair will bring you to a entresol, where two other sleeping compartments are hidden away in silence. They can also be used as playground for the children. This residence has been equipped with a TV, DVD-player and a well filled bookshelf. Smoking is not allowed inside the building.

4-burner electric cooker with oven
1 sink
1 dishwashing brush
1 apple corer
6 beer glasses
1 can opener
8 sandwich plates
1 casserole
1 bread knife
1 breadboard
1 juicer
1 tray
8 deep plates
1 drip rack
8 egg cups
1 whisk
8 cake plates
8 cake forks
1 vegetable knife
1 hand sweeper and can
2 wooden ladles
1 gravy spoon
1 cheese slicer
1 frying pan
1 coffee perculator
5 saucepans various
8 cups and saucers/cups
1 corkscrew
8 spoons
8 lemonade glasses
1 measuring cup
8 knives
1 mixer
8 mugs
1 oven
1 baking dish
1 nutcracker
4 ladles
1 pancake knife
2 pan coasters
8 flat plates
1 grater
1 juice jug
1 pair of scissors
4 bowls
2 peelers
1 skimmer
1 cutting board
1 tablespoon
8 soup plates
1 hand blender
1 masher
1 saucepan
1 sugar bowl
1 cake baking tin
1 cake server
8 tea glasses
8 teaspoons
1 teapot
1 thermos of coffee
1 thermos of tea
8 dessert bowls
1 colander
1 meat knife
8 forks
1 kettle
1 scale
8 wine glasses
1 sieve
Tower room
(2x1p) box spring
(2x1p) box spring
(4x1p) box spring
1 children’s pool
1 cot
1 high chair
DVD player + monitor
Radio CD player
1 central washing machine can be used. This is in the general utility room. Here you will also find polishing materials if needed.
Standard seasonApril tot Oktober
weekend€ 335
midweek€ 285
week€ 490
Low seasonNovember to March
weekend€ 280
midweek€ 240
week€ 420
Easter€ 590
Ascension € 590
Pentecost € 590
Christmas€ 700
New Year € 700
Energy per day
Final cleaning
Tourist tax pppd
€ 20
€ 50
€ 1
Bed linen p.p.€ 9
Towel set p.p.€ 6