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Accommodations can be combined,  with the Bordes stay at the heart.
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Tennis court and pétanque court available!

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Bordes stay

This stay consists of the complete ground level of the castle. The castle is situated in the centre of the terrain. You have the breathtaking view over the landscapes surrounding the castle. All the facets; the forecourt with the evening sun, the valley and the formal garden, the sound of birds twittering, water slowly finding its way to other grounds. The different atmospheres and seats in and around the building, give birth to a wonderful day. read more

Ground floor
2 - 8 people
3 bedrooms
Terrace at the garden
Wood fire



On the first floor, it mostly is the space that intrigues you. Not only inside, but also surrounding. On the other side, the morning sun, the lake embedded with old trees, looking from the kitchen you see the vegetables garden. On the west side of the forecourt, the half mile long drive is bathing in the evening sun. read more...

1st floor
2 - 8 people
3 bedrooms
Poster bed in knight hall


 Tower stay

What used to be one of the more sad placed of the castle, situated on the second floor, has been transformed into in to a fairylike stay, where five people can bond and relax together. The tower residence with its two beds has its original walls and windows. The old wooden sealing is the ground the immense network of wooden bars that holds the three building layers together. This makes it the best place for the adventurous type, due to wind and storm, causing the frames to move and creak. Not long ago this was a home for the church owls. read more...

2nd floor
2 - 5 people
2 bedrooms
1 sleeping loft


 Old Chapel

The old chapel was named after the former chapel that was here on the first floor. In the place of the altar in the apse is now a huge shower in the form of a rose, and finished with tadelakt in the colors of a red rose. The old chapel has in terms of view and insolation a unique location. The morning sun on the balcony -a lovely place to have breakfast overlooking the rose garden and the valley and the evening sun on the side of the entrance of the castle, in the extension of the driveway and forecourt. In the warmth of the afternoon there is the shade of ancient trees such as oak and linden on the side. read more...

Ground floor
2 stories
2 - 8 people
3 bedrooms
Sofa bed in livingroom
Terrace at the garden
Wood stove



The name already gives it away. In the time of the “grandeur”, this wintering area for the orange trees is placed on the ashes of a diseased building. The five bows, originally completely filled with glass, are more adjusted to the late living functions. The royal terrace on the south side, is constructed on the old vaults, leaning against the castle wall from the Middle Ages, and is surrounded by a hedge and a flower garden.  All the windows on the south side are oriented on this terrace and the forecourt of the castle. read more...

Ground and 1st floor
2 - 7 people
3 bedrooms, 1 with poster bed
Terrace at the Cortil


 Guest stay

In the former orangery on the forecourt of the castle is a residence for one or two persons equipped with a private entrance, kitchenette, separate toilet and shower. The spacious rooms includes a kitchenette and a cozy dining area overlooking the yard of the horse farm. The sleeping area is equipped with a double bed, a writing table and a sitting area with two armchairs. read more...

Ground floor
1-2 people
Terrace at the Cortil


 Gate House

Because of its location, at the entrance of both castle and carré farm, the Gate House is unique within the whole of the Domain. Connected to the cluster of buildings, it can be experienced as a self-contained accommodation for up to 12 adults. read more...

Ground floor + 2 stories
up to 12 people
Terras in front of house