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From where you depart

Some navigation systems miss a connection between 2 streets, causing you to be redirected. Below is a description with a map showing you the shortest way to Cortils from Visé.

  1. From Maastricht
    Follow motorway Maastricht-Liège.
    Take exit Visé, drive across the motorway,
    towards the centre. ​N653
  1. From Liège
    Follow motorway Liège-Maastricht.
    Take exit Visé [ note: NOT Visé -Hermalle, but the next exit ].
    End of exit to the right. N653


Château Cortils
Chemin des Cortils 5
4670 Blegny

See map:

At the roundabout, turn left. Drive past the church on your left and come to another roundabout.
At this roundabout, take the first right and the road immediately bends sharply to the right again. Follow this road until you reach Dalhem. You will arrive in the centre of Dalhem at a roundabout painted on the road.
Here, turn left until you reach a second small roundabout.
Turn right here past a brick wall with tall trees.
Once the last buildings on your right announce the end of Dalhem, turn right. You will now drive through ‘Chenestre’.
Again at the last settlement of Chenestre, there is a fork with the sign ‘Mortier’. This follows U.
After a 400m. winding road, turn left into the driveway.

From here, drive slowly to experience this beautiful valley. You arrive at the entrance, with the car park on your right, before the gates, and a second car park on the right up the road and immediately to the right next to the tall beech hedge.

GPS coordinates N: 50º 41″ 45″ W: 5º 44′ 33″

Regenboog (ver)binding

Rainbow (re)connection

Cortils stands with both feet in the world. From here there are lines, to friends and initiatives, people and projects, connected to us over and over again. Like a rainbow, we are connected. At both feet of the suspense arc you will find the golden pot.

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