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ASBLĀ Domaine des Cortils

"A truly paradisiacal place that I want to share." Boudewijn spoke these words in response to Heritage in 2013.

ASBLĀ Domaine desĀ Cortils was established to further develop this paradise into a place where people can be happy, where life is good and where people can live in a community that is largely self-sufficient.

We want to share this place with anyone who needs it. Albeit from the need for peace and quiet, albeit from the need for care and healing.

Restoring, maintaining and managing Estate Cortils is daunting. Gardens are continuously evolving. Accommodation and workshop spaces are ready. As well as the dining room and kitchen. Water treatment plant, alternative energy sources and restoration of the pond are on the program. In addition we are to look at the future use of the land and the farm.

The Association has members who have been touched by the magic and energy of this place and expressing their solidarity with the estate through their support, either by their membership, or by their contribution to volunteer days.

Are you touched by this special place and want to support us so that we can continue to share this place, then join the ASBLĀ Domaine desĀ Cortils for only ā‚¬ 25, - per year.

If you want to register as a member you can do so by filling out the form below.

And of course you can always pay a one-time contribution to our account. We thank you in advance for your support.

ASBL Domaine desĀ Cortils
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