Open Day

Domaine des Cortils

Open day

Sunday 24 April 2016

10 to 17 hrs

Come Meet Our New Cooperative!

The Castle Cortils is constantly evolving for 10 years.

The time has come to reveal the different aspects of this development:

  • a new form of agriculture: agroforestry
  • ecological construction and methods of restoration of old buildings
  • foster opportunities for artists, personal development workshops and educational and therapeutic activities in the encounter with man and the animal.

Present: a bite to est; music, philosophical café;  Steel art; clay plaster; shepherds from the north with their sleep; working with wool; movies;  Compagnons de la Terre, SCRLFS and lots more…

Domaine des Cortils

Chemin de Cortils 5
4670 Blegny

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