Massages en Reiki treatment at¬†Ch√Ęteau Cortils.

During your stay at Ch√Ęteau Cortils you can book a massage and/or a Reiki treatment.


Soft massages are extremely suited to make you fully relax. the intuitive massages I give, are soft and give deep relaxation, physically and energetically Essential oils from Janosh are used for a profound effect, also on your energy system.

Intuitive body massage of neck, shoulders, back hands and feet.

Duration: 45 minutes
Investment:¬†‚ā¨ 30,-

Reiki treatment:

The energy of Reiki is nothing less then universal life force energy that is channeled to you by the Reiki channel. This energy goes to that part of the body, physically and/or energetically, where the energy is needed. Reiki treatments are especially useful for energy that is stuck, so it may flow again. Energy being stuck can be felt as feelings of diminished joy in life, feeling unsettled, etc. 

Duration: 60-90 minutes
Investment:¬†‚ā¨ 60,-¬†

Massages and Reiki treatments are done by Henk

Henk Meulendijks

Who am I?

From my background as manager and manager education and learning, I've been looking for a different way to engage people, from the Heart. In my work with people, I use everything I learned in the past 25 years about energy work  through courses and seminars. 

Greetings from the Heart, Henk
Reiki master en life guide