Chateau Cortils

estate to come to yourself

In the world, captured in its current situation and atmosphere, where chaos and disaster are growing aspects, Chateau Cortils is offering the possibility to reinvent and resurrect yourself in the inner silence of humanity.

Chateau Cortils is embedded in the richness of nature, and therefore, perfectly able to give home to activities that are related to the flora and fauna of the environment.

Specialist providing courses that contribute to the healing of others are invited. Offering facilities to endorse activities like: retreat, gardening, sound healing, color, philosophy, theater, clown schools, voice endorsement, meditation, yoga, tai-chi and massage, Cortils enables the combination of learning and relaxing. It is happy to open its gates to anyone wishing to impart its knowledge or looking for inspiration.

In addition, it remains possible to rent guesthouses, whether combined or not for groups of up to about 40 people, for the silence and nature lover.