From safety to freedom

The past:

Chateau Cortils in the past

The Château Cortils estate was founded in 941 as a fortress; it was later drastically rebuilt and expanded almost every century, including a large square farm . There is a creek running through the 76 hectare estate that supplies water to the pond. It is situated in a valley surrounded by woods.

Boudewijn Laugs and his wife Constance acquired the castle in 2005 and made it into a residence for a dozen people or families with a similar outlook on life. It revolves around respect for people and nature. Here, respect for people and nature is key.

The Present:

Currently, the castle and its permanent residents offer accommodation to groups of up to 40 people.

The Paviljoen has been realised for courses and workshops.

At the moment, we don’t have housings for permanent residents to rent.

Vegetable and flower gardens are ecologically cared for.

Reception, office, diner with professional kitchen and a multifunction room have been realised. Plans are ready for several workshops, theater and dance spaces.

Our future:

Due to 45 hectares of land around the castle becoming free of lease, we have the unique opportunity to redesign that part of the estate.

Natural and organic. Natural and organic. Horticulture, crops and livestock, space for permaculture as design method. Food forest.

This redesign is aimed at becoming self-sufficiencent as an estate.

We wish to open the gates for everyone who wants to find tranquility and themselves. One can stay here by booking for a course or as a tourist. In the near future you will be able to rent a room with breakfast for one or more nights or even stay here for a longer period of time and work on a project. We are thinking of people who want to refind there way into society or trainees who, for example, want to educate themselfs in bio agriculture, market farming or building.