Boudewijn Laugs and Constance Cox are the promotors of Château Cortils


“Château Cortils literally came on our path during a walk. Now, a few years later, we see growing what came up as a first impulse. This estate has the capability to contribute in many ways to the core of our existence. For man and nature to regain, for every visitor to rediscover self, in all safety and beauty, inside a sheltered historical site.

Cortils as pounding heart in a dynamic motion, as a healing spot for everyone who is open to it, that is what we had in mind from the beginning.

Cortils inspired us. We would like to share this source of inspiration with anyone who is looking within its own development process or to help others rediscover their core.

Now we live and work in Cortils with a growing number of people and animals. We consider ourselves fortunate with such a (growing) community. “

Boudewijn Laugs as architect is always in search of the creation of a humane existence. The core of the work of Constance Cox is her quest for clarity and purity. Both in its educational qualities in her photographic work.