Useful for you as guests of ChĂąteau Cortils to know



We will expect your arrival from 15:00 unless otherwise agreed.

If you do not find anyone near the accommodations upon arrival, please call +32 4 68 38 91 05 then we will come and meet you in person.

You can drive the car up to the castle for unloading and loading (not on the grass s.please).

The departure time depends on your booking, on Monday or Friday morning before 10.00 am. Many weekend guests already leave on Sunday, then no latest departure time applies.

  • Tennis court and tennis rackets (on loan at reception)
  • Nature pond
  • Boules ( balls to borrow at the reception)
  • Wifi
  • 14 ha of forest on the estate

Many animals live at Cortils.

The pets are called Gaya (Kooiker dog), BĂžkko (Friesian stabby), Lommeltje (Siamese cat) and Abeltje (Russian Blue cat)

About 40 moose (Indian Flesh Duck) live on the estate. During the day, they scavenge in the meadows or around the pond for a living. At night, they go to the farm themselves to sleep safely in the barn. Would you like to witness them storming out of the barn in the morning and attacking the feed and would you like to look for the eggs? Then check with Vera for the exact time. In the morning, between 8 and 9 am (variation due to summer and winter time), they go out. Usually they have laid eggs by then, these are for sale in ‘the reception’. If you want to make contact and feed the ducks, shred a few leaves of chicory.

NB: Do not feed the ducks bread, the fat and oil is bad for them!

The pastures are home to 6 horses (2 haflingers, 1 Swedish trotter, 1 fjord, 1 tinker cross, 1 haflinger/fries cross) and some 7 breeds of sheep including the Ouessant, the Ardennes Voskop, the Drents Heideschaap, the Gotland Pelsschaap, the Wensleydale, the Soay and the Cameroon. The sheep are kept for wool and, of course, for fun. In May and June, all sheep are cut from their wool coats. The furs are felted and sold in ‘reception’. If you would like to take a closer look at the sheep, make an appointment with Vera ( for a walk around the nature meadows. Four groups can be visited.

NB: You are not allowed to enter the meadows on your own! Do not feed the horses and sheep either.


Musee de la Fourche, a special antiquities museum in Mortier. The curator’s name is Joseph Andrien. Address: Rue de Village 23, 4670 Mortier; Admission is free and tours are in French only and by appointment: +32 4 387 42 29. Email; josep-

Apart from an atmospheric village pub, another special address in Mortier is the shop by Jeanine. You can go there for basically any food. Jeanine has been running this shop for more than 50 years and operates variable opening hours. So she goes to Mass a few times on Sundays, but chances are that between Masses, the shop is open. Highly recommended! There is a marked walk to Mortier in the shop that includes a section of the estate’s forest. The walk takes about 20 minutes

*The swimming pool in Visé
*The Swimming pool de Treffer in Eijsden. Outdoor pool available
*Plopsa Coo and the waterfalls in Coo
*The donkey assilum in Bombaye, close to Dalhem
*You can rent bikes Freddie Pinckers in Voeren. For a small fee, bicycles are also delivered.
*The Abbey Val Dieu in Aubel: basilica, Cistercian community, restaurant, brewery (tour available), park with unusual trees. From Cortils about 2 hours’ walk (walking route / photo trail available in the shop a €3)

*The mine in Blegny is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will enter the mine with a real miner’s lift. From Cortils a half-hour walk (walking route available in the shop)

*Flea markets in and around Luik

* recommended is the brocante in Battice, every sunday from 7.00 – 13.00
Address: Rue Forges-les-Eaux 12, 4651 Battice

*The ferry Cramignon: foot and bike ferry from Eijsden to Lanaye takes you across the Meuse for 1 euro pp (children under 6 free)

*The touristic ceter for wool and fasion in Verviers


The Land of Herve, of which Chateau Cortils is a part with adjacent the Voer region and the Ardennes, are hiking areas par excellence with a very varied range of possibilities. To name one, the walk along the Ninglinspo (Aywaille) is highly recommended!
At the reception, hiking trails set out by some of the estate’s residents (the Blegny mine, Janine’s shop and the abbey in Val Dieu) are available for a small fee. If you do an internet search, you will find e.g. this site. There is also a large pile of printed walks left by guests in the reception.


Organic shops

Recommended is De la Fleur Au Fruit, organic shop in Rue Albert Dekkers 65, 4608 Warsage. Monday, Thursday and Sunday closed, other days open from 10.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 18.00.

For biological (barbecue)meat you can visit: La Boucherie du Gué de la Bevronne, Voerenstraat 15 in Moelingen. Tel. +32 4 381 07 82. Open on Friday and Saturday.

Weekly markets


Boulangerie / patisserie Du Pain et des Idées. Address; Rue Gervais Soldat Toussaint 26, 4607 Dalhem. Tel. +32 4 379 89 79 Open all days except Wednesday

Boulangerie La BoĂźte Ă  Pain. Address: Rue du Bourgmestre Henri Francotte 27, 4607 Dal- hem. Tel. +32 87 70 10 85.

Boulangerie Herman. Address: Place Sainte-Gertrude 30, 4670 Blegny. Tel. +32 4 387 40 41

Onze favorieten

The Commanderie, brasserie located on the fish ponds in the gardens surrounding the similarly-named castle, Sint-Pieters-Voeren.

EetcafĂ© Aon’t Bat, with great terrasse at the river Maas, Eijsden

Ijssalon Hugo in Richelle, close to Visé

Icecream Angelati in Eijsden

Portofino, Marina close to Eijsden with large outdoor terrasse

De Swaen, atmospheric tavern in ‘s Gravenvoeren

CafĂ© De Wandelaar, in s’Gravenvoeren. a local brown cafe with terraces.

Mother the Goose, both inside and outside very atmospheric, Teuven

Santa Rosa, A good and cosy Italian (pizzeria) with French menu in Visé

Café Modern, a city like café in the coutry side, Teuven

Bie de Buure, cosy terrace and atmospheric restaurant in hotel The Kings Head Inn, Teuven

Ada, for good fries with satay and lots more like pizza, this is a must
(with seating), Eijsden

Pam-Pam 2, Ice cream and pancakes on the Meuse, opposite the train station in Visé

Samëlla, Spanish restaurant in Visé . For Paëlla do book a day in advance

For groups that don’t want to go out the door, ‘La Frite’ comes to you!



We appreciate it if you want to separate the waste.
There are several crates/bins in the accommodations to make this possible.
Explanations will take place on arrival.