Terms & conditions

Individuals and organisations gratefully make use of the tranquillity, wideness and purity of Chateau Cortils and its surroundings. Increasingly, it is used for courses, workshops, retreats and the like. Understandable, because the accommodations are perfectly suited for it, especially in combination with the endless possibilities of the Pavilion. The organizers of such activities often find themselves liable for the fact that participants are not known until late when they use multiple accommodations. Early payment of a sizeable deposit is often a problem for them. We therefore offer organizers of group activities other payment conditions then individuals.

14 days after booking 50% of the amount due must be paid. The remaining 50% must be paid no later than 14 days before arrival. Only when the first payment is received, the booking is final.

Courses & Activities
14 days after reservation must be paid 15% of the amount due. No later than two months before the start should be another 50% satisfied and the remaining 35% must be paid 14 days before commencement. Only when the first payment is received, the booking is final.

for workshops and courses

We understand the challenges when organising a workshop or course, so this cancellation policy outlines the flexibility we are willing to offer you.

Prospects can take an option on accommodation for max 1 month or until an other prospect for the same accommodation presents itself (free of charge).
When a second prospect presents itself, we’ll contact the first prospect. He/she has 24 hours or 1 working day to decide wether to confirm a booking or to cancel the option.

Cancelling a confirmed booking*

The table below shows the cancellation compensation we charge:

 Time before start date Compensation in % of rent
more than 3 months, € 20,- for administration
more than 2 months, 15%
more than 1 month 35%
more than 14 days 60%
more than 7 days 85%
less than 7 days 100%

Rent is basic rent mentioned in the rental agreement without extra’s like energy, cleaning, etc..

Postponing a booking*
We do not charge compensation when the booking is postponed for max 6 months, up to 60 days before the start date of the booking. The 15% downpayment must be received by us.  When cancelling the postponed booking after all, we charge you 85% of the rent mentioned in the rental agreement. We’ll sent you an invoice and we expect payment within 14 days after the invoice date.

* Cancellation or postponing a booking is only possible by mail or by Email.


for individuals
Force majeure on the part of the tenant remain at your own risk. When cancelling more then 2 months before arrival, 50% of the amount due will be refunded. Within two months before arrival, unfortunately we can not do anything for you, the entire rental amount is due. If you want to reduce that risk, you can always take out additional insurance.
When we are able to get a replacement booking for the accommodation, we only charge a € 20,- administration fee.
Additional conditions
We rely on the good will of our tenants and trust they treat the accommodation and the estate with the utmost respect. We ask you, when something goes wrong, let us know.