Textile workshop


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love of textiles


The Textile Workshop

Getting intertwined in things
Picking up the thread
And building on it

Cortils’ Textile Workshop offers the opportunity to work with warp and weft* on …
creating a work of art
social interaction in the form of a….
temporary residence
stillness with needle and thread
Giving courses

Many possibilities in concrete
Too many to mention

If you have a plan, contact us
We’ll see if your idea can unfold here

Concentrating on and connecting with that which we wish to create.
There is room for that at Cortils;
An inspiring venue

* In contrast to the present-day negative translation of “warp and weft”, we see it in the old meaning; “to be inseparably attached to something or someone”

De ruimte

The 50 sq m workshop space with a 30 sq m front room was created in the Great Barn from 1766. The immense space is palpable through the view of the large open gateway and the robust rafters supporting the mezzanine.

With warm materials such as wood and clay, the Textile Workshop itself is an enveloping space where it is pleasant to stay.

The Balcony, supported by an oak tree and overlooking the Cour, adds an extra dimension to the whole.

Besides the looms, spinning wheels and sewing machines, there is also an intimate corner where there is a bed. You can stay here for a longer period to complete your project. A general kitchenette and bathroom are located on the Cour where meals can also be eaten. The Preau on the Cour is also an additional (outdoor) living room with seating and tables with chairs.


1. Simple weaving loom table or on legs,
weaving width: 0.60 m
4 horses (lever handles above)
4 shafts
6. standing Goblin weaving loom:on legs,
weaving width: 0.85 m
weave length between fabric tree and warp tree: 1 m
threaded loop pole
2. Antique weaving loom with contramars total height: 1.80 m
weaving width: 0.90 m
4 pedals and cross pedals
4 shafts
Suspension weaving reed
7. Weaving loom with contramar Lou√ęt “Hollandia” total height: 1.20 m
weaving width: 1.30 m
4 pedals and cross pedals
4 shafts
Standing weaving reed
Shooting Drawer + Shooting Coil
3. Simple weaving loom:on legs,
weaving width: 0.65 m
4 horses (lever handles above)
4 shafts
fixed comb
8. simple study loom: (3 pieces)table model,
weaving width: 0.60 m
fixed comb, different comb ratios
weave length between warp tree and fabric tree: 0.80 m
4. Razor mill circumference 0.75 m x 4 = 3 m.
height 1.75 m.
9.spinning wheels Lou√ęt type S10 (2 pieces).
5. Loom with contramars K√§vstalsfabriken “Glimkara” total height: 1.70 m
weaving width: 1.15 m
6 pedals and cross pedals
6 shafts
Suspension weaving reed.
Antique spinning wheels (2 pieces)


Per week‚ā¨ 150*
per 4 weeks‚ā¨ 500*

*prijs incl. cleaning, and use kitchen/bathroom in the courtyard of the farmhouse