Kitchen and dining room and polyvalent place

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Big kitchen with dining room and indoor garden

The large kitchen with dining room and indoor garden is located at the courtyard of the castle in the former coach house which is from the end of the 17th century. Around 1830 a beautiful vaulted ceiling was installed … Status or passion of a bricklayer, we will never know, but it gives an intimate atmosphere to the two linked dining areas. The walls are painted in terra tones, on the floor is a blue stone tiled floor with underfloor heating and there is a fireplace with seating area.

During the restoration, a passage has been made from the horse stables to the coach room and this is again connected to the servant’s house where the professional kitchen is installed. In this kitchen a lot of attention has also been paid to the interior: antique floor and wall tiles, stucco plus as round finish a clay arch ceiling and beautiful cabinets made of wood from the park.

The adjacent smaller kitchen with dishwasher is next to the indoor garden of about 100 square meters. This space, originally built as a cowshed, has been extended and has been given the character of a closed courtyard by the partly glass roof and the lack of windows … An introspective space that encourages concentration and contact. This room, in combination with the dining room, is ideal for workshops, meetings and all kinds of gatherings …

Playdays with children, the processing of harvest, making music together, crafts, fashion shows and so much more. In addition to the toilet for disabled, a second toilet is a bathroom with a spacious shower. The equipment of the kitchen can be found in a separate annex.

For many a cook it is important to be able to use the right knives.

There are knives present, but because of the personal character

it is advisable to bring your beloved cutting articles.


5 potato knives

1 apple drill

3 baking and filling forms

40 beer glasses

2 can openers

40 shot glasses

40 sandwich plates

2 bread knives / bread cutters

1 citrus press

3 dough bowls

rolling pin

7 tray varied

40 deep plates

40 egg cups

2 bottle opener

3 whisks

40 cake plates

40 pastry forks

2 vegetable blades

10 milk jugs

wide variety of wooden ladles

40 ice cream coupes

ice scoop

3 gravy bowls

3 cheese slicers

1 skillet

1 coffee maker

5 saucepans diverse

40 cups and saucers

4 corkscrews

40 spoons

40 lemonade glasses

liter sizes 1 and 2 liters

1 measuring cup

baskets: 10 large bread baskets

5 small bread baskets

2 large fruit baskets

40 knives

1 mixer

4 coasters

40 breakfast plates

5 oven dish varied

1 nutcracker

ample variation serving spoons

pans: 5 x 5 liters

3 x larger

3 x smaller

2 frying pans

2 frying pans

2 saucepans

1 large cast iron wok

2 pancake knife

pizza cutter

40 flat plates

grater 2 fine 1 coarse

40 juice glasses

5 juice cans

1 scissors

scaling: 5 large dishes for salads

5 smaller scales for slades

80 small dishes for jams and the like.

Serve 10 for siege

6 different tarts

wide range of pottery scales

5 peelers

5 cutting boards

ample variation of soup spoons

40 soup bowls

1 stick mixer

2 pistils

5 sugar jars

1 cake baking tin

3 cake shovels

3 Tajine

40 tea glasses

40 teaspoons

2 teapots

3 thermos coffee

3 thermos tea

20 dessert plates

3 colander

1 meat knife

40 forks

1 kettle

1 scale

40 wine glasses

1 sieve



Citrus press

Gas cookers, 8 pits total

2 Refrigerators

Hot water container

Coffee maker professional


Ovens 2


Meat slicer

3 Freeze drawers

Warm wood plates and soupterrines wide range

2 Water kettles

Separate kitchen with dishwasher.

Cleaning items

such as broom, hand brush and can, vacuum cleaner etc.


Normal season

April to October

1/2 midweek (mon/tue/wed or wed/thu/fri) € 200
weekend € 300
midweek € 400
week € 500

Low season

November to March
1/2 midweek (mon/tue/wed or wed/thu/fri) € 200
weekend € 300
midweek € 400
week € 500


Final cleaning € 125


Box fire wood € 6